What is going on ?

The biggest issue with Fukushima is that it is so difficult to find balanced and pertinent information. Part of it is that nobody really knows, but another part is that the media have been extremely cautious and by now all but gone quiet on the developing situation in Japan. On top of it, I do not hear much about taking measures to get out of atomic energy anywhere ?  Isn’t this something people want ?

AFTER FUKUSHIMA: American Attitudes about nuclear power

I find the following website to be a good source for truthful and up-to-date information.

Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Al Jazeera features:

Fukushima: A ‘nuclear sacrifice zone’

Please add any pertinent information, as you see fit. Thank you.

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  1. johanna11 says:

    Greetings! I find the information on Fukushima reactors very hard to assess – a lot of technical descriptions whose implications are not clear. What is clear, though, is that the situation is dangerous and the course of events unpredictable.
    Meanwhile, I was told by my daughter in Tokyo today that it is a lovely sunny spring day there, and many people, especially young couples, are out viewing the cherry blossoms – without the so-common masks. Long live beauty and joy!

    I hope and pray that this danger will subside, and that human beings will stop tempting fate by building more nuclear power stations. If governments were really determined, they could surely implement a policy of maximum alternative power generation combined with strategies for reducing power consumption – so that eventually the two would meet.

    Re power generation: could not every shopping centre or business premise have extensive solar panels and wind turbines, to supply their own power needs? (Same for water collection!) And houses, likewise, on a smaller scale.

    Now is not the time to despair, but to find and go for better strategies, drawing on human ingenuity and goodwill.

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