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On the sofa with Martina (cloudform)

A conversation between Martina and Michaela M: Hi Martina. How are you ? Martina: Hi Michaela ~ I’m well thank you. Sorry I’m late, a neighbour called ! M: Never mind. Glad you could make it. Welcome to the sofa. … Continue reading

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Pain as an indication to resistance

Conversation #12 between Angelika nd Michaela M: Hi Geli, Good Morning ! A: Hi Michaela! How are you doing? M: Perfect, really good. What shall we talk about today ? Any new insights from listening to John Welwood ? A: … Continue reading

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On the sofa with Amy

A conversation between Amy and Michaela M:  Hello Amy, I am here. It’s a nice and clear morning in Vienna. How are you ? A: Good morning! Happy Friday. I’m settled into bed with my laptop after another extraordinary day … Continue reading

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There is nowhere to go

Leading a spiritual life means to get comfortable living paradoxes. So what is a paradox then ? Basically it is a statement of an apparent contradiction that expresses a non-dual truth. Puzzlement is the new clarity and “There is nowhere to go” … Continue reading

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