On the Sofa with Rouven

A Conversation between Angelika and Rouven

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

A: Good afternoon Rouven!

R: Hi!

A: How are you doing? What would you like to do or talk about?

R: I’m fine thanks and how are you? I’m not quite sure what we could talk about. I came here just to see what would happen and where the conversation leads us to.

A: I am fine as well. OK. So let´s just experience what ever is happening. Would you like to exchange about the process of creation?

R: Yes! As music is my passion this would be a great thing to talk about!

A: May I ask you, when you first had realized or felt that music is your passion? And may I ask what you want to express with the word “passion”?

R: That is a hard question. Let me think about it. I think that was not that long ago.
When I started writing my first songs I noticed what it meant to be creative. Of course it’s fun to listen to music or even to make music myself. But I think as long as you don’t perform music that has  come out of your self instead of just playing a piece of music someone else wrote, you don’t see what “creating” is. But don’t understand this in a wrong way. In general you can also play a non-self written piece of music and feel the “passion” it
contains. But with me this wasn’t the case.

Now let’s come to the question what “passion” means to me:
Music is something very special to me. When I play music I feel comfortable. I don’t really know how to express what I feel with music. But it’s something very special.

A: Does it relax you, when you play music?

R: Mostly but not always. Sometimes when I’m practicing a song I get a bit upset when it just don’t work out as I’d like it to do.

A: I am guessing now, since I am unfortunately unable to play any instrument myself. Do you experience at times while playing one of your instruments, what musicians call “the flow”?

R: To answer this you need to explain me what “the flow” is. Because I never heard about it.

A:  To be in the flow means,  you let the music come through you without controlling consciously what you play. You let “music” happen.
When I watch musician performing I see at times how they move their bodies, as if they were dancing  with their instruments.
I suppose one prerequisite is to be able to use the instrument in a skillful way.

R: Yes I already experienced that. As I worked on my latest song with Paul I felt the “flow”. We were trying to improve the ending of the song as I just started playing something that came to my mind. And guess what. That’s the “outro” (the ending of a song) I’m still playing because it fit perfectly.

A:  This is quite interesting. The circumstances you are describing are called, “one in the presence of another”.  When two individuals are forming kind of a unit or a team, it seems to be much easier for one or both of them to experience their connection to the true intelligence, the Source of all Being.
Since Paul´s  music teaching abilities are exceptionally gifted, as I could witness in some of his classes, I can very well understand that the two of you can enter “the flow” together.

When you play music, are you doing it alone, or in a group or band?

R: Unfortunately I’m making music in most cases alone. But I prefer to make music in a group. Simply because it’s much more fun! Just a few weeks ago I found a new musician to make music with and each time we have arranged a meeting and met, I was more than happy about it.

A: This is very nice to hear. Joy and enthusiasm are coming along when “doing and being” align with each other. The more often we experience moments of joy the deeper we can experience the connection to Life itself.

R: So what you try to say is that every time I meet with others and we play music and we’re feeling the music and we are enjoying it we are actually just feeling “Life” itself as you called it?

A: Ja. I would say so. The sound of music can open up our energy centers (chakras) and Life energy can flow through us, with out being slowed down by  too many blockages (obstacles within us). Have you ever felt that you were kind of melting into one field with other musicians while you were performing together?

R: What do you mean by “melting into one field”?

A:  When I was watching Paul and his band performing music,  I could sense that the sounds of  each single instrument lead into an overall unit and created a field of resonance in which each musician as well as the audience could “swing” together.

R: In music you can call this “tight”. Well, not as a feeling but as a way of playing. But think I felt that once. As I was cutting the recording of my latest song with Paul there was a passage where I felt the song as one overwhelming piece of music instead of the single “tracks” (you record songs in single tracks e.g. one track for the guitar an other one for the vocals and so on) I was editing.

A: So you know what I am talking about…….Rouven, would you like to tell how old you are?

R: I’m nearly 19 years old.

A: Thank you very much, Rouven! I would like to end our conversation here, since I hear a thunderstorm coming up and lunch is ready as well.

R: Thank you too! It was a great experience for me. Hopefully I can be soon on the sofa again.

A: Of course! Come back when you feel like it! Take care!

Rogue River, MI; photo taken this morning

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1 Response to On the Sofa with Rouven

  1. Michaela says:

    A touching conversation….

    Thank you, Geli and Rouven.

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