On the Sofa with Benno

A: Hello Benno, so nice to have you here! How are doing? How has  your day been so far?

B: My day has gone very well, so far.
Whats the advantage of writing to each other, why not just talk?

A: Well,  originally Michaela and I wanted to write an article for the blog together. So we tried the shared document function on google docs. We have been sharing documents in past using Skype or google wave.
What we recently have found out is, that exchanging in written, mostly without talking adds a very special silent quality to the exchange. Almost as if we could sense the space behind the words, as Eckhart calls it. When we listen to each others voices this specific silent quality seems to be  missing.

B: This is very interesting, because I have also found this to be the case as well, that when I write I seem to have more insight than when I speak.

A: Ja, the insights come up. We have experienced exactly the same. And often the insights were quite a surprise to both of us. Adyashanti wrote about this phenomenon also. He said, that he used to sit down in a Starbucks Coffee shop with a pen and a pad and spent time observing himself and writing the observations down. And while being in this process mind concepts and conditioning unpacked themselves.

B: I wonder if this was noticed by monks in the past , and is why some take the vow of silence?

A: I do not know for sure. I can merely talk for myself. When I do not use my voice to talk, I can not manipulate my dialog partner with the melody of words, or with the accentuation. And there is for sure less noise.
Maybe the silence on the outside resonates with the Stillness within us?

B: Writing seems to allow just enough silent space, which when vocalizing seems to get covered over.

Yes I like the way you put that “Maybe the silence on the outside resonates with the Stillness within us?” I think there is something to this.

A: I agree. This exchange feels very peaceful and relaxing to me.
Could it be that the effect of Stillness gets doubled if two people are in it same time?

B: Yes, that very well could be the case. I wonder if other forum members also experience this?

A: Well, the only other person I have experimented with on this, especially here on google docs, is Michaela. We shall ask her. But as much as I can remember she had kind of the same experience. And for both of us, insights came up while we were writing. It was kind of a self-awareness thing while we were holding the space for each other.
Would you like to talk about this in the forum?

B: Yes I think that after a year on the ET forum , if this is indeed a phenomenon, then there should be others experiencing the same. This type of forum is relatively new in itself, so as an experiment, things may emerge, that are unexpected.

If we are all indeed awakening, the question becomes,  how will Life/Totality use this new medium. I feel that this technology has not come to be known at this time randomly, that somehow it will play a huge role in the coming awakening of humanity.

Yes I think this could be a good forum subject.

A: I was wondering about the role of the Internet in the process of awakening. And Eckhart might have wondered about this as well and maybe this is why he gave it a try. I remember that Gregory Zelonka told Michaela and me something about the new possibilities of the world wide web especially in the range of getting people connected with each other.
I was even wondering if the world wide web was an “outside”  reflection in the world of form of the connectedness in the realm of being.
Gregory was wondering if a group, which is merely connected via the Internet, can awaken together in what ever kind of group dynamics, that has to yet be discovered and experienced.
So anyways,  would you like to make this a thread on the forum?

B: Yes that makes sense to me Geli, great insight.
And yes I think its worth starting a thread on this subject.

A: Thank you very much Benno for this conversation! Hope to meet you again on the Sofa!

B: My pleasure, look forward to our next conversation.

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3 Responses to On the Sofa with Benno

  1. Wow, I love this format! I’m an extraverted introvert, so writing is my preferred method of communication. When I’m communicating in person with someone, my receptors are turned up to full volume, so I get lost on my end. I think you are both awesome people, enjoying getting to know you both over the year and throughout the many threads. One thing for sure that’s a positive about the Internet, wouldn’t you agree, is that an exchange between continents is simply marvelous! Best wishes for many happy experiences here 🙂

  2. Michaela says:

    Very cool, Benno and Geli.

    I agree – connecting by writing via the web has a different quality than speaking. It is somehow deeper and it allows to be more conscious of the different levels of the exchange. We are used to the talking, so there we orient ourselves more towards the audible qualities, like the tempo and tone of voice. Establishing a connection via a shared document somehow increases the sensation of stillness.

    Its actually a great way to understand how we “perceive” through the mind and the heart at the same time.

  3. Sheila says:

    This format is wonderful and I feel fortunate to be ‘getting to know’ so many people from all over the world. It’s an opportunity that can only happen for me in this way.

    Geli said, ‘I was even wondering if the world wide web was an “outside” reflection in the world of form of the connectedness in the realm of being.’
    What a lovely concept! I don’t mind buying into that one. 🙂
    Love and kisses to you all..Geli, Benno, Amy and Michaela

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