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Why don’t you change ?

Jiddu Krishnamurti. At the end of his life he said he was probably not a good teacher, because he could not get people to change. But he set the stage for what is happening today.

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I’ll be mad

We must become ignorant of what we’ve been taught, and be, instead bewildered.   Run from what’s profitable and comfortable. If you drink those liqueurs, you’ll spill the springwater of your real life. Distrust anyone who praises you. Give your … Continue reading

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I am seeing it, but…

What do you do when you see it ? Everything that is just false. The dance around the golden calf of free market economy, the worship of the sacred cow monetary cycle, the lies of governments, political parties, large companies, … Continue reading

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Know what is in front of you

Osama bin Laden took on a role the world needed. Archetypes are energies in all of us. I find it very useful to work with archetypes in terms of articulating what is going on in – and outside of ourselves. … Continue reading

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