He is my brother

By Justme

Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Titian: Cain and Abel -1542 (Santa Maria della Salute, Venice)

The leader of a terrorist group, Al Qaeda,  was once supported by the U.S and armed by the same to fight against the Soviets. The wealthy son of a Saudi construction company owner who followed and implemented the plans set out by the CIA, was supported by Pakistan, US and Britain. The US policy then was to drum up support for Muslim radicals to destabilize the Soviet Union. Bin Laden fought against  the Soviet Union and helped to bring the communist regime to it’s knees.  Until Russia withdrew from Afghanistan, he largely financed and organised Mujahideen  training camps, while the weaponry and military trainers  came from the US,

In fact the block buster movie Rambo 111, was set in Afghanistan, featuring the mujahideen supported by the US.  Prior to the American war in Afghanistan, the ending quote of the movie read “This film is dedicated to the brave Mujahideen fighters of Afghanistan”. This was then edited to read “people of Afghanistan”.

Hypocrisy? Osama bin Laden is dead, he was shot through the head, the papers were fed, the people now, they are led ? We witness shows of joy from people celebrating at Ground Zero and gleeful comments about the death of the man, who once was Americas friend, until he turned against them.

But why did he fall out?

Osama bin Laden only became a “terrorist” in US eyes, when he opposed the decision of the Saudi Royal Family to allow more than 540,000 US troops to be stationed on their soil, following Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. He was concerned that once American soldiers entered, they might not leave. Was he correct to be concerned?

Thousands of US troops remained in Saudi Arabia after the end of the Gulf War. Osama bin Laden’s anger turned into outright opposition. He declared that Saudi Arabia and other regimes — such as Egypt — in the Middle East were puppets of the US, just as the PDPA government of Afghanistan had been a puppet of the Soviet Union.

Bin Laden then began to fight a much bigger and stronger opponent and he put to use the tactics that had been taught by the CIA in the training camps.  Ali Mohammed, one of bin Laden’s top aides and the man who trained the operatives, was actually a member of the US army’s elite Green Berets !  These “operatives” were recruited at the al Kifah Refugee Centre in Brooklyn, New York, They were given paramilitary training in the New York area and then sent to Afghanistan with US assistance to join Hekmatyar’s forces.

These are some of the events and circumstances that  led to the formation of Al Quaeda, a global terrorist organisation that masterminded the September 11 attacks, with the goal of breaking foreign influence in Muslim countries.

I am not writing this in support of Osama bin Laden, as he was clearly an unforgiving and intolerant man. He was willing to slaughter any human being for revenge, and to try and force his thinking on a world of seekers. He led the sheep, as do the governments of the US and the West. I have just passed this information above, to try and show that there is truly no one right! The US and UK are responsible for more killing throughout the years and the world, than all the so called dictators put together! They talk about democracy and they preach peace, yet they teach peace down the barrel of their guns, and through their threat of destruction.

Many people reading this will already have a fixed viewpoint brought about by what they call the truth, yet can we not step back and say the following: Osama bin Laden got angry over the US troops on his land. Who’s land ? His !

America was willing to promote radicalism to destabilise Russia, and then condemn the same when it turned on them. Does the threat of bombs or the actions of murder, stop a war? Can an enemy truly be destroyed? Will the Taliban ever destroy America? Will America ever destroy the Taliban? Do the sons of murdered Americans not hold the same longing for retribution and justice, as the sons of the murdered Taliban? Of course they do! If someone came in and dropped a bomb on your home today and killed all your family, or even one of your close relatives, would you care who was right or wrong? Would you say, ” oh I am non-violent and don’t agree with American/ the policy of the West, therefore I will let it drop. ”

Would you ?

I believe all humans come from the same stock. I believe regardless of place or custom, essentially all of us have the same desires, fears, ability to love and hate as the next. Our tears taste no different than anyone else’s.

This and the fact we carry an invisible powerful hidden longing to find the truth of who we are. This longing seems so weak and passive, yet is the main reason we move through life, it is the one underlying driving force behind life. No man openly asks for destruction, what he longs for is release, release from the bondage of blindness!

The only way any peace can be maintained, is when man’s justice is aligned with the justice of that sustaining power, which some call God. Every situation has truth in it. Every situation of a devastating nature has arisen through the ignoring of the spiritual laws. As human beings we need to identify our weaknesses, fear them not, understand that others have weaknesses too and fear them not either. Through candid communication and the opening of spirit, by the stepping aside of human fear and flexibility of opinion, we can prevail.

The conflicts in South Africa and in N. Ireland have shown, no side can win, but both sides can recognise they can benefit the collective, by communicating their fears, hopes and dreams together with love.

If there truly were a United Nations, even the less bright among us can agree the existing UN does not live up to its founding agreement ( We the peoples of the United Nations determined…to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small…) If there were a real United Nations, the power and fears of each individual country could be placed before the collective representatives of each and every country and the collective through the opening of mind and intention based on love and benefit of all, including themselves, reach a conclusion which in my opinion would be to the betterment of all mankind.

People will never defeat people, all that will be found is more dead human beings.

It is essential the countries of the world come together to form a senate of men. It is essential in the shorterm, dialogue is opened up to start to negotiate and listen to the fears and dreams and intention of peoples throughout our planet. If they be extreme and dangerous, are they not easier nullified by awareness and openness than by oppression? Does what we resist not persist ?

So what can an individual ‘do’ to improve the human condition?  Well the answer is found in silence. Action brought about by thoughts and baggage of experience is not the best starting point. The starting point is silence, it is the dropping of self, even for a few moments. This space or gap as it seems to us, is the opening and allowing of spirit to act through us. It will bring freedom firstly from our minds and releases endless potentiality. Through this creative catalyst which has a foundation in love- true love, the earth is ours and all that is in it. So by stepping aside we can have a new view point, by having a better view point we have a much clearer starting point which will be based on the collective betterment of all and the sharing of earths gifts in a fundamentally and progressive manner. The existing U.N should be contacted and reminded of their responsibilities

Today a man was shot dead, somewhere some place is a human crying for Osama bin Laden. Somewhere, someplace a relative cries on memory of a loved one, killed by Osama bin Laden. They both have lost something, they may feel revenge, or they may even feel slightly happy.  The world will continue and more human beings will kill each other. Someone, somewhere will justify each and every killing, but someone else somewhere will weep for a son or daughter born from the womb of a woman of the earth, as a child of the universe.

That child regardless of his path, is my brother and therefore yours!

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About Michaela

I am a wanderer and a wonderer, like you are. I love our journey and to walk in the company of friends – to learn, experience, share, laugh, cry and above all I simply love this marvelous, magical, mysterious life. I have no plan (cannot believe I am saying this) and my only intention is to be truthful to myself and others.
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9 Responses to He is my brother

  1. Michaela says:

    The killing of Obama bin Laden is many things to many people. Revenge, justice, injustice, murder, execution – whatever we call it,but it is also the act of removing the symbol of fear. The public enemy number 1, the face of terror is dead and with the removal of this thorn, energy locked in fear has been set free.

    It was because of this fear that wars have been waged, thousands been killed, livelihoods been destroyed. It is the right question to ask – why, and who benefited. And it is the right thing to do to muster the courage and the discipline to look for the roots of this destructive fear in oneself.

    Osama bin Laden was a terrorist. His game was to mastermind death and destruction. But who created the fear ? And who benefitted from it ?
    These are the very inconvenient questions to ask.

    By the way, coincidentally I had to go to the US consulate today. The security measures were very serious and took a lot of time. They seized each piece of electronic and metal from me, and frankly I am amazed that they allowed me to enter with my clothes on.

    Time to get over the fear…..

  2. fatima says:

    I dunno. The Constitutional/Bill of Rightly US, the UN….. founded by individuals just like us….openly enthusiastic with their vision for humanity and some, perhaps only from the circumstances they found themselves in, some more in touch with the formless dimension, that supposed bringer of reality that we all go on about (and individually experience) who created inspired templates for human governance. I know Marille has expressed the thought that the ‘Founding Fathers’ were mystics but I don’t think so….inspired yes, rightly guided in their inspiration? …..yes, but still very human and well intentioned just like most of us.

    Both of those templates we can see historically do not live up to their own ideals. Is the dust bin our only recourse? No, because that is the human condition. All human institutions are only what we as individuals (or individual nations who are the products of the individuals who populate them) make of them. Even corporations are not evil. Adjustments could be made and it all depends on who is in charge. Nothing is perfect but it all is perfectly balanced on earth. As we become individually more ethical and moral and care full so will our world.

    Osama is a part of us, but he lived by the sword and died the same way. There was so much he could have done with his fortune to help, even the underclasses in his own country, but he didn’t. Instead with his egoistic delusions of power, grandeur and deep resentment he became an instrument of much physical human suffering, stoking the fires of violence and discord in direct opposition to his professed religion. Its over for him now but no cause for rejoicing. The gift of leadership is a double edged sword and it is considered a mercy of God not to be given it. Of course that is an interesting question only for those who believe the stories of an afterlife of enduring heaven or hell and a final day of reckoning.

    It isn’t over for any of us reading this…..yet. It really does come down to “It only takes one person to wake up to change my world …..and that is me.” To change ‘the’ World maybe more than one is necessary?” The templates are often quite good they only need awakened individuals to administer them.

    “He led the sheep, as do the governments of the US and the West.” He was a sheep as are the governments of the US and the West. Put there by we, the people, also sheep. We put them there to lead us. Didn’t you write that in a poem some where?

    In my opinion, you have the gift of right understanding by the way, so why do I feel like it looks like am disagreeing with you. ?Am I? Nah. just a different perspective.


  3. fatima says:

    lol Marille.

    They take it personally if something were to happen. There would be an investigation. Someone would be to blame. Its a little like legislating ethics and morality, a Sisyphean task.

    I mean how would it look to the world if you got through with a bomb in your underwear? Or, if they let you pass because you didn’t fit the, dare I say it, profile?

  4. Brenda Rose says:

    When I heard the news of his death, I felt shock and sick of my stomach. I immediately wondered how his family felt. I thought about the huge egoes that were involved and they probably felt they did something great and were celebrating. But terroism will probably never be over until the earth changes. What’s there to celebrate?

    I know that governments will continue to use fear to control the sheep. Big money will do the same and have no respect or compassion for their fellow human beings, just so they can do anything to make big bucks.
    It’s sick. Totally sick. It’s like Eckhart usually says, It’s insane. I could not try to kill another person unless he happened to be right there in front of me trying to kill me or others beside me. Self defense, perhaps. But if the time actually came, I might find myself not killing. I just don’t understand those people that want to fight and/or kill.

    I really like what you wrote here, justme. I didn’t know all the history and I feel the same as you about it all. Thank you for writing and sharing your thoughts with us.

    • Lilli says:

      Celebrating the killing of a person whatever he might have or acutally has done in the past makes me feel estremely sick. An eye for an eye – this mental attitude has to be abandoned from any civilized society. The same applies for death penalty.

  5. RandyO says:

    I just love the musing of the UN’s decree. Thank you brother of a different mother.

    It’s always been funny to me that “we” fear death so much that we’ve created so many different belief’s where we never really die, we just live on through out eternity (beginning to the end), however we have no issue of killing others by the thousands even millions for these same beliefs and general greed. Not funny haha but funny sick/sad but you better laugh about it or it can weigh on you.

  6. Abitiki says:

    You’re not the only one who feels this way.

  7. Lilli says:

    Celebrating the killing of a person whatever he might have or has actually done in the past makes me feel extremely sick.
    An eye for an eye – this mental attitude has to be abandoned from any civilized society. The same applies for death penalty.

  8. johanna11 says:

    Is it better he was killed? Would it have been better if he had just lived on? Will, or can we, ever know? Except to accept that whatever is, has to be.

    Strangely, when I see the little excerpts of Osama bin Laden in conversation, I feel a beginning of love for the man – he appears as a sensitive human being, even if he was totally ruthless.

    I feel sad also for Obama, seeing his distraught face as he watches the footage of the killing.

    Oh, for that stillness, that silence, which you refer to Justme… But I can’t even manage that when I have an argument with my husband!

    And I agree completely, rejoicing is totally inappropriate. What we need now, I bellieve, is a time for sorrow and a time for reflection – leading to a renewal of commitment to peace.

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