Rest and See

In these days,weeks and months  as a cornucopia of catastrophes, disasters and bad news are upon us, we have ample opportunity to study the human mind at large. How does the human race keep up facing unprecedented  adversity on a global scale ?

Truly, there is not a single spot on this earth that is currently spared by the epochal events that have unleashed and keep bearing down on us. Climate change, erratic weather, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts have left a path of destruction and a scarcity of food. The global financial crisis is leading to monumental debts on both side of the Atlantic, leaving those countries that have been thriving on an ostensibly growing economy, vulnerable. We are learning that growth does not necessarily translate into prosperity and we are facing a reality of  high unemployment, depressed home values and state budgets in deep trouble. On the other hand, there have been healthy corporate profits and even a recovery of the financial sector, which led to a sigh of relief by those, confusing the stock-market with the state of the economy. Because companies and banks alike, are either sitting on their cash, or use it to buy back stock or acquisitions to increase their share prices. Needless to say, those are the very corporations and banks that have received billions of bail-out money from taxpayers to rescue them from going under.

We have a revolution in the Middle East that is toppling old systems, mostly driven by high food prices and a desperate population that has become wary of being coerced and exploited by their feudalistic rulers. And then of course, there is the energy crisis, that started off with the BP oil spill in the gulf, had an intermezzo with flooded coal mines in Queensland, and is now culminating with the Fukushima melt-down disaster.

In many ways, I think Fukushima is symbolic for the transition from the old world of fossil fuel ( coal, petrol and natural gas)) to the new age of energy. It takes a bold step to make this transition and it requires a “meltdown” of old beliefs and systems, as well as an increased level of consciousness in all of us, to make that shift. I don’t think that it is a coincidence that the disaster takes place in Japan, a society that is split between their old values of connectedness and reverence to nature, and the lure of Western style capitalism.

We all knew the New Earth was imminent and this is how we are creating it. We simply allow old systems to  self-destruct. I have been wondering why there is not more of a public out-cry, at least in the US or Europe regarding the abysmal behavior and actions of governments and regulators trying to contain the debt- and financial crisis, by protecting the very structures and mechanisms that caused them. I have been wondering that nobody demanded more determined action regarding the safety – if not shut-down- of nuclear power plants. I am wondering that European and Americans are not taking to the streets like their brothers and sisters of the Middle East – God knows, there is enough reason for it to end this horrific display of incompetence and impertinence here and now. But all is quiet and everyone is getting used to the endless stream of disaster on television.

The human mind is a strange thing. It shuts off in the face of danger and I think this is what is happening now. There is no way that people of this earth do not sense the approaching breakdown and  fundamental changes of their political, economic, financial, societal and public systems. And yet, I do not observe many outcries or even concerns. People here go to work, book vacations and enjoy spring. Maybe its just one part denial, one part delusion and one part fatalism.

Maybe its just moving naturally into the now and waiting for things to come. That would actually be a quite healthy human reaction. As for me – I can see so very clearly how all of this is connected and how much it will affect us in a very near and very unpredictable future. But then I know – the future does not exist and the only place to be, is here and now.

Where I will rest and see.

About Michaela

I am a wanderer and a wonderer, like you are. I love our journey and to walk in the company of friends – to learn, experience, share, laugh, cry and above all I simply love this marvelous, magical, mysterious life. I have no plan (cannot believe I am saying this) and my only intention is to be truthful to myself and others.
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6 Responses to Rest and See

  1. johanna11 says:

    Hello, Michaela,
    I have been through this kind of “end of the world” scenarious a few times by now – I remember the Cold War, at times when we were on the road, I would be very alert for signs of the big getaway….

    While I agree with you as to the crisis – economic and ecological, yet my sense of things is not quite so cataclysmic as is yours. There are a couple of new factors:
    * the rate at which news travels, and the number of people who can access it. This is totally unprecedented, and can set off a whole series of events, as in the Middle East.
    ** the extreme power of the financial elite. It has always been very powerful, but its power was perhaps more hidden.
    *** The huge development of technology, which gives a small group of people enormous power without proportional responsibility.

    Do you think it’s such a bad thing if people go out, or enjoy life (and I don’t mean by drinking and gambling!). I found your picture of atomic cherry blossoms wonderfully apt. Many people went to view the cherry blossoms in Tokyo – they are indeed a wonderful sight to behold! Some government official was trying to prevent cherry blossom parties, but was simply defied, though many agreed to the extent that in the tragic circumstances, behaviour should be restrained. I would have liked to see poems somehow connecting the cherry blossoms with the tragedy of northern Japan, different ones placed beneath the different trees. I’m no poet, but maybe something to this effect:
    The cherry blossom trees
    bloom, the flowers fall.
    Let us hold in our hearts those who were taken by the tsunami
    and those who loved them.

    And then, I also wonder – what can we do now? Let’s not give away all our power to the ‘powerful’, but start to envisage an alternative order.

    • Michaela says:

      Hi Johanna – actually, I don’t think its bad – its just enormous change and I keep wondering why everything seems to be so – quiet. I have written something about the same subject in another place and I will copy it in a post below.

      And I agree with you regarding creating a New Earth, because the time is Now.

  2. Michaela says:

    There is a difference between noticing something and worrying about it. There is also a difference between an attitude of acceptance and defense. I notice a breakdown of old structures and systems and you know what – to me it is a sign that the shift in consciousness is indeed taking place. There is a movement currently that is bringing everything to the surface that is untrue. I have chosen to see it and I will act based on my intuition and I have reason to believe that many here do the same – within their scope of influence ( but as we have come to realize, our scope of influence is far greater than we think it is).

    So I am wondering how you feel about many of the things we are getting to see now – do you see them or not, do you see other untruth coming to the surface, what do you find yourself doing or being pulled towards. The reason for this is that it does help to share these things, because indeed – one does find oneself pulled to do or not do things that ” do not make sense” to the mind as such. This is why we are a community of souls in the process of raising their own frequency. We are here to help each other on this unbelievable journey, neither of us could walk alone, but must do so by themselves.

    What is on the inside, is on the outside. Facing untruth in myself is the first order of business and this is how we do help each other, consciously or not. And by the way – the use of personal pronoun has become utterly random to me – I, you, we – thats the same thing.

    I am watching very similar things as Pete does – in a tiny, rich country and affluent society. There is less choice, less food on the shelfs, prices are exorbitant, there is not enough money for education, healthcare or infrastructure. We have a very high tax-rate over here and education, healthcare and infrastructure are the things I pay my taxes for. Not to satisfy the gambling debts of a few rogue traders that brought banks and financial systems down. What I am seeing are feverish efforts to keep a system alive, that is dead already and I am dealing with this in my own way. But I wonder why I see it and so many others don’t – I mean – it is so obvious.

    Is acceptance an excuse for apathy ? Thats Pete’s question from above and my take on it is – true acceptance is not compatible with apathy ( different frequency). But it does lead you to step back and let the madness unfold. Inaction when everyone else seems to be scurrying around. It is important to differentiate paralysis from holding the frequency. The difference is that you look at the madness in coolness, if not without compassion, and then you do whatever you are called to do. Help children, write a blog, be still – but above all give priority to being conscious of anything that arises.

    That is enough.

  3. johanna11 says:

    Thank you., Michaela – that helps to clarify the question of what we do, in the face of all this.

  4. Michael says:

    Observing the changes Michaela mentions one could feel a sense of chaos. I sense though that many people on deeper levels understand these changes are just parts of what it is to experience life. Feeling no need to panic or become truly fearful. Now those in power probably look at this as the sheep remaining asleep. Feeling they can do and say virtually anything they wish. What they are probably not aware of is the Waking process going on. People Waking to Self and that the things of the world are no longer paramount. Those with power and money seem to be on a role right now. However like any physical attachment the importance of it will burn itself out. Power and money will mean less and less. What actually drives such people is not the money and power but the experiences related to the acquisition of them. The thrill that is derived during it.

    My daughter yesterday called and talked about the incompetence in her work place. How she is increasingly called to do more as a result of it. In some ways her experiences are microcosms of what results from an orientation and focus on the “doing” part of a persons life. Doingness not centered on Beingness is never clear. I tired to lighten her mood a little by saying when you consider what’s been going on in the world for many thousands of years its amazing as a race we’re still around……I asked her then to put her experience in context of the wider world and just smile. She said she tries to not let what’s going on affect her but the seeming realness of it is not the easiest thing to overlook. Its in her face everyday.

    That’s kind of the thing, being able to get to a place where what’s going on in the world doesn’t phase us. Observing the seeming chaos and just smiling and being at Peace with it. Seeing and Knowing the Divine within it all.

    Peace with Love,


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