Blackberry Smoothie

By Catrin

Copyright CatrinACasa

Blackberry smoothie.

A perfect morning drink, gives you a kick start. Especially good for those with a Kapha constitution.

For appr. two glasses:

A hefty handful of blackberries,
a quarter of a  pomegranate (scoop out the seeds by hand),
a big tablespoon of hemp powder or hemp seeds,
one banana,
½ deciliter of cranberry juice,
1 glas of water.

It is not that important with the exact amount of the ingredients, taste your way. Add an ounce of Cinnamon at the top. Enjoy!

The hemp has amazing building features, high protein and Omega 3 content.

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8 Responses to Blackberry Smoothie

  1. aralannow says:

    Love it. This sounds delicious.

  2. Echo says:

    Is there one for Pitta?

  3. Catrin says:

    I found this Echo; Pitta is associated with heat, and its effects are especially felt during the hot summer, from July to October. Whether you have a lot of Pitta in your constitution or not, you need to pay attention to pacifying Pitta during the summer.

    Watermelon-Mint Smoothie

    * 2-3 cups diced seeded watermelon
    * 4-5 fresh mint leaves, washed 1 sprig of fresh mint for garnish

    Blend the watermelon and mint leaves to a smooth puree and serve cool, garnished with the sprig of fresh mint.

    Spiced Coconut Smoothie

    * Water and meat from one young coconut
    * 2-3 Medjool dates, pits removed and chopped roughly 1/8 tsp ground cardamom

    Blend all ingredients to a smooth puree.

  4. Echo says:

    Thank you Catrin ! I’ll start with watermelon and mint … I love watermelons! xx

  5. Michaela says:

    I think we have a winner here….smoothies by Catrin 🙂

  6. Catrin says:

    =) “Smoothies for the people”

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