Just motivation

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2 Responses to Just motivation

  1. Pete says:

    I have had this thought for s while both with myself and when I look at or talk to others
    I have a growing awareness of being a part of the whole but interconnected and I practice attentiveness to see that more clearly

    Yes, personally and circumstantially I feel I have needs and wants and ‘holes’ that need filling but by not overly centering on them just acknowledging them-the grace comes.
    Like a gentle healing or helping grace.
    Sometimes I have to do some work it just depends.

    With other people not centering on my perception of their missing pieces. There is less judgement and more being able to be present with them. When it happens it’s an easier way.
    Maybe thats what ET means by seeing and not labeling.

    Hope that makes sense or is my insanity showing?

  2. Lilli says:

    Isn’t the picture perfect although some parts are missing ? The existing parts are the NOW, the missing ones some kind of “future”.
    Thank you for sharing.

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