The difference between past and future

From low entropy to chaos…

Every difference between the past and the future can ultimately be traced to the fact that the entropy was lower in the past and is growing — that’s the second law of thermodynamics: the universe was orderly, and is becoming more disorderly.

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I am a wanderer and a wonderer, like you are. I love our journey and to walk in the company of friends – to learn, experience, share, laugh, cry and above all I simply love this marvelous, magical, mysterious life. I have no plan (cannot believe I am saying this) and my only intention is to be truthful to myself and others.
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2 Responses to The difference between past and future

  1. Margret says:

    Check out the Nova-Series “The Fabric of the Cosmos” on youtube. In the episode “Illusion of time” Greene talks about this fact. I still find it mind-boggling, but interesting…

  2. Danielle says:

    lol… they don’t talk about the phenomenon of Deja Vu, though. See post at June 12, 2012…

    Your friend,
    Paying Attention

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