Change the dream

” The world we live in Now” serves the purpose to show how everything is connected. I am using publications from the (liberal) media, in general written by independent experts, so we have a halfways neutral perspective. It also serves the purpose to point out that old systems are indeed crumbling, with a chance to simply – disappear.

This does not need to be scary. In fact, this is a great time to not let uncertainty get the better of us. It is our job now to be as optimistic as we can be. Not by denying reality, but by viewing all the changes as a fertile ground for a New Earth to arise.

We all are part of it. We all are called to assist it’s birth.

What is it we see ? We see the market economy crumble, together with the monetary system. Related to this are such fundamental questions like the value of work and employment, democracy and the widening gap between the interest of governments and the people who they are supposed to represent, or have even voted for them, we see the effect of a wasteful management of resources and energy, as well as the effects of natural disasters on food and food prices.

And we see the empowerment of the individual by means of interconnectedness.

Indeed, it is important for everyone to realise that we are not powerless. It is up to us if we let the world sink into a nightmare, or change the quality of the dream. Yes, many people are suffering in the world of today, there is much chaos, upheaval, disease, unfairness and violence. But there are also so many signs of people standing up and taking things into their own hands, much to the benefit of those around them.

I would be interested to hear of your experiences and observations. It does not need to be huge – just examples how an old world, that was driven by unconscious forces of greed and separation, is turning into an unified New Earth, that is emerging upon a foundation of respect for nature, resources and people. A New Earth that does not follow the quest of the individual for personal gain and comfort, but rather the natural impulse to serve common good and wellbeing, in an understanding that we are not separate from each other.


About Michaela

I am a wanderer and a wonderer, like you are. I love our journey and to walk in the company of friends – to learn, experience, share, laugh, cry and above all I simply love this marvelous, magical, mysterious life. I have no plan (cannot believe I am saying this) and my only intention is to be truthful to myself and others.
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  1. Michaela says:

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    The unraveling of the status quo

    Across the planet people are seriously reconsidering every previously accepted way of living. Economics, politics, religions, established organizations and social structures are all being called into question. Personal relationships are being experienced differently. All human activities are undergoing some form of change.

    It would seem that much of this is due to a tremendous increase in our ability to share and communicate. The unrest in theMiddle East this spring was thought to be brought about by electronic instant communication. There is not one activity that hasn’t been influenced by this.

    The interesting thing to consider is, that only a small percentage of the human population has these abilities. I wonder what will happen when a majority of people have these abilities. Will there be a collective more conscious focus on resolving our various challenges and difficulties?

    Communication that seeks to see similarities in all human activities one would think will work to unite people versus what had been the status quo of feeling, thinking and acting separately. Could it be possible that the ability to create these marvels was due to a deep inner desire to rid ourselves of that which creates barriers and keeps us feeling separate?

    Many do believe that as a species we are continuing to evolve. Communication has always been central to the reason we as a race have not only survived but multiplied. In prehistory humans were more solitary creatures. Eventually families formed into groups leading to tribes and clans. From these towns and villages were created and then cities and countries. All of this is due to communication.

    Now people are starting to talk about a One World, a world that is united in most major ways. Certainly there would remain some personal individuality but the collective would be about things that unite. However the idea of a One World scares many. Mostly this fear is based on a perceived loss of individual rights. Individual rights as we have known and applied them were very useful for most of our collective history. You were free to succeed or screw up. You could choose to create a happy and Love filled life or one that brought you a great deal of pain and misery. The funny thing is most people don’t really know they are creating their lives by the choices they make. They often think their life is showing up as it does due to forces external from themselves that they have no control over. Such beliefs are due to believing in the myth of separation and that myth comes from being an ego guided race. It is the ego that seeks individuality and with the relative mind creates those things which permits this. So hypothetically it is possible that with the advent of these new forms of communication what could be taking place is a reduction of the ego-self’s control of our lives.

    The ego Loves the status quo. It believes that as long as things are unchanging, safety and stability are assured. Since we now see that increasing numbers of people are not satisfied with the status quo it would appear that the grip of the egocentric self is diminishing.

    Our advances in the sciences are due to bringing things together, understanding the intimate relationship that exists between two seemingly different and unrelated things. Much of our status quo was based on not really knowing anything about these relationships. We became complacent that difference was simple real and the way things are. Until human kind began to look for similarities there was little advancement. We simply accepted that we were separate beings that could only struggle to survive. For thousands of years that was the accepted status quo. Now people are beginning to reject this notion.

    Due to this growing rejection of feeling and being separate we are seeing our race truly begin to flower. As it is said by an increasing amount of people indeed we as a race are birthing ourselves. The old status quo no longer serves us and is unraveling in front of our eyes. This is not something to be fearful of but something to rejoice in and embrace.

    With Peace and Love,


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