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Zeitgeist Moving Forward Official Release 2011


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I am a wanderer and a wonderer, like you are. I love our journey and to walk in the company of friends – to learn, experience, share, laugh, cry and above all I simply love this marvelous, magical, mysterious life. I have no plan (cannot believe I am saying this) and my only intention is to be truthful to myself and others.
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6 Responses to Systems Theory

  1. johanna11 says:

    This film the big issues that we have to face. It is overloaded, though – at least, I could not play the whole thing through in one sitting. Seems to me we need to look at the overall view, see how various issues interrelate, and then look more deeply into these issues. Too much at once can lead to feeling overwhelmed and powerless.
    I am not so sure about this revolution idea. Yes, I want the whole system changed, too, but I do not think that can work. If lots of people took out their money from the banks and thres it in a heap – I reckon there would be others who would gather it up and put it right back in the bank!

    I don’t think such total action could work. Revolutions, at first hopeful, tend to lead to a repetition of the repressive regime they intend to replace – look at Tsarist Russia and Communism! Or the French Revolution. I rather think we need to build up alternatives while the old system continues, even if it teeters, on. Otherwise, the whole infrastructure will collapse, as well as the banks – I think of trains, roads, cars (ok, that might be fine!), and also, radio, TV, computers and internet….

  2. johanna11 says:

    Anyway, that is the way of conflict. Is it true that “what you riesist, persists”?

    If we want to have international access to the internet, we need somehow to keep it going. Can it keep going without money and infrastructure?

    Alternatively, I would think of looking into alternative ways of doing things. Communism has been tried (inevitably not in its pure form but as it pragmatically developed, with all the human power drive involved). Therefore, it is so important to work on ourselves first. And perhaps, second to that, we could look into how other societies work or have worked. When I see images of the little Aboriginal kids in the north of Australia, I am always struck by their radiant happiness. Our little city kids are often already depressed! I found something similar in India – people you meet on the street – they look happy, with genuine, unforced smiles. Coming back to Sydney, observing people on a pedestrian crossing after work – what a grim-faced lot!

    So, let us look into how other societies organize themselves, there we may pick up some useful insights and ideas.

    We have taken individualism, separation, to absurd lengths, and this has led to an unsustainable lifestyle. Shall we talk about this further?

  3. fatima says:

    “…I reckon there would be others who would gather it up and put it right back in the bank!”
    Haha. Right Johanna. Seems so obvious. Are we missing something?
    I think all of your points are well taken going from my impression of his last movie (or is this the same one?)……its two sides of the same coin. A very materialistic approach which is never a real solution. The images of the robotic fairy tale ending really stayed with me.
    Okay…I’ve confessed…I didn’t watch this one. lol
    Still, as I recall…there were some interesting points made re different ways of managing resources etc. and describing the ‘problems’ underlying our current situation. And who’s to say, some of their ideas might take off, in fact. Emerge in ways that would reflect the awakening of consciousness and which would, I presume, look very different from the Orwellian Brave New World impression that I get from these (or is it this?) film(s).

    • johanna11 says:

      Hi, Fatima, thank you for responding! Maybe I will watch it again later, I have to confess I didn’t watch all of it, just took samples!

      Yes, the new consciousness would surely look different!

      I didn’t quite get your point about the robotic fairy tale ending – did you mean, the boardroom (bored!) scene (at the bank?) Or are you talking about another film?

      Actually I liked the early scene where a youngish man is walking around with his eyes wide open. It seemed promising….

  4. fatima says:

    Hi dutch aussie friend,

    No, haha, it wasn’t the Bored Men…which I forgot about until you mentioned them…the “fat cats” right? At least bored is a human emotion. As I recall…they were incredulous that this could be happening and …..omg..accepting that they could do nothing to stop it?

    a ha….Could it be that ‘they’ were the hope for a ‘reality’ based future? ; )

    It was r/t the peaceful crowd scene, carrying their offerings to the shrine of the idol through deserted city streets were right out of an American car commercial. It is entirely possible that you would not have this reaction/response to this scene, so I will attempt to explain why I did.

    As I watched it from beginning to end and I was ‘just watching’ a movie but since it was posted either here or on ETTV I assume that I was anticipating….something….
    something of interest. And it was interesting….intensely well made, full of interesting interviews and observations about the world we live in….the material world we live in although in the interviews I recall some amazing glimpses of the spirit, and interesting well worked out ‘new ways of doing things’.

    Anyway, early in my quiet viewing I started to notice what I call ‘the hand of the zealot’. As long as I can remember I have tremendous resistance to zealotry. Whether that trait was born with or acquired I don’t know but I would resist it be it was attached to something I didn’t fundamentally agree with or something I did agree with…..religion for example.

    That is why my response to that film is, sharply I might add,… is kind of …

    “Oh yeah. Right! As if!”

    Its not helpful to feel ‘sharp’ about it, imo…..the film speaks for itself. This is something very habitual in me and maybe even more pervasive than I am aware of.

    And…The people who are involved in that movement have really gathered in one place a lot of very interesting observations about the political/economic world we live in and even hopeful directions to look for the role of technology in a “new earth”.

    That’s all.

    Nice to talk to you too Johanna.

    xo Fatima

  5. Michaela says:

    No, it is not necessary to watch the movie. Just one stone in the puzzle.

    It is just information. Nothing more. Take what you need, leave what does not serve you.

    Thank you for your comments and thoughts.

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