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The wisdom of Glerikud

Just comic

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Beyond the mind

If your mind goes wild, just go beyond it’s limits: Try to imagine that you don’t exist. You can imagine that your body does not exists, or the planet, or the galaxy, but you can’t imagine that YOU don’t exist. … Continue reading

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I realize the feeling in me, it’s the ego. Suddenly an other emotion arrives, confusion. It takes my attention instantly (defensive step from the ego). I know that i have a choice now: Choose between the ego or the stillness. … Continue reading

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You realize, that you were under the control of thoughts and emotions. The ego suddenly sais: “How can thoughts and emotions controll you? It’s not the way it is.” You smile, becouse you know that the ego cannot see the … Continue reading

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Just reminder

Nothing will happen. Nothing happened before. But everything is happening.

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A trick about emotions

Most of the people think that their emotions are reflecting the reality. On some point it’s true, but they’re still mistaken. Our emotions are mirrors of our inner state. So they’re reflecting our inner reality, not the outer. And our … Continue reading

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It’s part of the ego’s strategy to confuse you and turn you against the teaching.

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The key is the flow

Let life flow. Let things come to you and leave you. Allow it. Let magic flow. Let it come to you and flow through you, then disappear.

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Just Reminders

  Watch your mind as it says no to this moment. The source of happiness is not the things, but our true being. See yourself from outside.

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