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Christmas Concerto

This is a beautiful find… The Corelli Christmas Concerto from the early 18th century, played on original instruments…and it makes my soul dance

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Christmas Magic

What would  Christmas be without the Nutcracker Suite ? This version is from the 1940 Walt Disney film ” Fantasia”

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In the spirit of Christmas

Christmas is about giving. But it is not the egoic “giving” that we encounter during the Christmas season in the Western society.  The abundance and extravagance, the gluttony and self-indulgence, the over-saturation and surfeit. There is another kind of giving: … Continue reading

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Symbolism of Christmas

Deep in the heart of humanity exists the mystic yearning implanted within it at the first Christmastide when the Light of Man made a definite place for Itself within and upon this dense earth planet. The word Christmas is derived … Continue reading

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A Christmas Carol

Time for another Christmas Carol: “Maria durch ein Dornwald ging”This one is from Thüringen and the the year is 1600. The painting is German, from the late 1400 Maria durch ein’ Dornwald ging. Kyrieleison ! Maria durch ein’ Dornwald ging, … Continue reading

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Christmas—that magic blanket that wraps itself about us, that something so intangible that it is like a fragrance. It may weave a spell of nostalgia. Christmas may be a day of feasting, or of prayer, but always it will be … Continue reading


What Christmas is about

When I think of the time of Christmas in my childhood, I remember a sense of awe, mystery and sacredness. It was just there, for the six weeks weeks leading up to Christmas. The days were short, the nights were … Continue reading

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Of Sacrifice and Snowdrops

Where I live right now there is a small river that flows into the Danube, just a few miles from here. I often walk along it’s riverbanks, enjoying the sight and sound of the stream, as well as the many … Continue reading

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Silent Night, Holy Night

Happy Christmas, everyOne

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The Oratorio of Joy

The avid visitor to the living room may have noticed the previous Christmas themes and posts. For me this is a time of stillness and magic, precious with nature preparing for winter and wonders of the sacred being felt closer … Continue reading

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